Home Brew Kits - FAQ

We have compiled a list of common questions you may have about home brew kits and home brewing in general.

What is a home brew kit?

A home brewing kit is basically one purchase that will include everything required to make one batch of home brew. No shopping list for equipment and ingredients, quick, simple and stress free!

Can I make home brew if I know nothing about brewing or the brewing process?

Yes, home brewing is easy and simple, all it really entails is following a step by step guide and having some patience! Home brew kits are ideal for beginners as everything you need is all there. As you become more confident you can then progress to making your own brew from scratch. This does take a little more skill, and as the old saying goes; practice makes perfect!

What is the easiest brew for a beginner to start with?

As mentioned above the easiest brewing method for a beginner is to use a home brewing kit. You can chose from a wide variety of beverages and the method is straightforward and simple to follow. The majority of kits have everything you need to brew your own drinks, which is ideal for a novice. Another bonus is that kits have come a long way since they were first introduced, therefore if you follow the instructions correctly the result should be a nice tasting drink rather than something resembling vinegar!

Where can I buy complete brewing kits?

Home brewing kits are widely available either on the high street or online. Follow the link to our home beer kits page to see some great offers on popular kits.

Are home brew kits reusable?

Yes, the majority of home brewing kits on the market today are completely reusable. The kits usually include all the equipment required, often even bottles. As soon as you are ready to make your next brew all you need to purchase is the ingredients.

Can I only use brewing yeast?

It is recommended that when brewing your own beer you use brewers ale yeast. This is the one ingredient that can make a dramatic difference to your end result therefore it's inadvisable to opt for a cheaper alternative.

Why is my brew cloudy?

One of the main causes of cloudy beer is the yeast. During the second fermentation the yeast will start to settle, eventually reducing the cloudy appearance of the brew. Leaving the brew in a cool place for as long as possible is often the trick for clear beer. The longer it is left, the clearer your brew is likely to be. Another possible reason for cloudy brew is an infection. Again we cannot stress enough how important it is for all equipment to be sterile. There's absolutely no point in skipping the initial cleaning and sterilising process. You'll only end up with an undrinkable brew and a whole lot of wasted time.

What are the benefits of starter kits?

Starter kits are cheap, easy to use with straightforward instructions. They can often be frowned upon by the more experienced home brewer, however the bottom line is they can and often do produce a drink that is comparable to shop or pub bought drinks. They cater to beginners, are simple to use and contain everything needed to make your first home brew.

Why is it so important to sterilise all equipment?

It is crucial to the success of the brewing process to ensure that every piece of equipment and work surface used has been completely sterilised. This point cannot be stressed enough as unsterilised equipment can cause bacteria which will completely ruin your brew.

Does home brew beer actually taste like beer?

It all depends! If you follow all the instructions and sterilise all your brewing equipment home brew can often have a far superior taste to the most popular drinks found in shops and pubs. Every ingredient you add to your own brew is chosen by you, which means you can avoid artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives that are found in many mainstream beverages. You have the ability to create a unique drink and experiment until you find your perfect beverage. Your brew is not mass produced and you have the satisfaction of knowing that it is something you have made yourself. Home brewing is addictive!

Is home brewing legal?

In the UK there is no limit on the amount of fermented drinks you may brew for your own personal use. This means you can brew your own beers, lagers, wines and ciders for yourself and to share with friends and family. It is illegal to sell these beverages. It is also illegal to produce distilled drinks, for which you require a licence.

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